How to sell

1. What can you sell?

As a global exchange / marketplace for gamers,  ZeusX welcomes a variety of gaming items and services that our community enjoys. Here are the popular categories that you can sell:

  • Accounts

Collected various rare achievements/skins/items over the years and now just want to monetize your hardwork? It can be very lucrative if you are willing to hand over full access to your game account (and usually its bounded email account).

  • In-game Items, Skins or Currency

If the game has trading features, this is a quick way to earn cash! Mobile MMORPGs, or just plain ol' DOTA2 and CS: GO are an example.

  • Services

You can offer a service, such as helping your fellow gamers to boost their gameplay, farm a difficult item together, or even coach them. Possibilities are endless!

  • Others

Gift Cards? Or Top-up services? Collectibles? Anything that doesn't fall into the above.

2. How do you actually sell?

a) Before you can sell, you need to register an account first - which is free and quick. You can either click on the button below to sign-up, or access it within the app itself:



b) The selling process is extremely easy: Sell -> Create New Offer -> Fill in your listing info -> Submit

c) Do remember to also go into Merchant Options to select your Pay-Out Option:

  • PayPal

  • Payoneer

  • If you have a Singapore bank account, drop us an email at and we can arrange bank transfers if required

3. What comes after listing?

a) You would be notified via push notification (if using the Android app), and also email if your listing has been purchased by a buyer. You can also check for trade and chat updates in the Notification area.

  • If you had previously selected Automatic Delivery (you have pre-loaded your account info into ZeusX) during your listing, there is nothing else for you to do except for the buyer to indicate Good Delivery status and then get paid!

  • Else, for Coordinated Delivery, you have chosen to manually coordinate and provide instructions to the Buyer upon purchase.

b) Getting paid - The buyer has up to 48 hours to indicate Good Delivery (mark the trade ready for payment) or Report an Issue (suspend the trade for dispute resolution). ZeusX processes payment twice a week - Monday and Thursday - where Good Delivery trades are processed.

So what are you waiting for? The community needs you! Start selling today!